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Svindinge - a village in eastern Funen, well on its way into the second millennium, but with its roots deep in the Danish history

Glorup park

Bicycling through some of the most beautiful scenery i Funen

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"Where does the summer make
The flowerbed
More rich than here, down by
The open Beach?
Where shines the full Moon on
The clover-meadow
More beautiful than in
The land of beeches."

Hans Christian Andersen 

Svindinge is a village in eastern Funen. It is at an altitude of 62m, surrounded by woods and hills. Svindinge parish boundary is to the north the valley of Kongshøj stream, to the east a valley where Fiskebækken joins Kongshøj stream and to the west Sorteå stream. North-east and south the earth is sandy and stony but otherwise the land is good, argilliferous farming land. The village is mentioned for the first time in writing in 1376, but has been populated for thousand of years, which archaeological findings bear witness to. Svindinge is a cozy and active village, lying in a beautiful countryside with waving fields, broad beeches and flowery meadows. The village pond, the church and the school creates an idyllic center in the village. The surrounding castles and many well-preserved old farms and houses are memoirs of times bygone.

Glimpses from Svindinge

The village pond - Click to see another picture

Glorup Castle - Click to see another picture

Glorup Park - Click to see another picture

Scenery - click to see another picture




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